My Top 10 iPhone Apps

Today I’m going to kick things off with a post on my personal favorite iPhone apps; no specific genre, just in general.  I believe that while a good portion of people out there do tend to have one or more of these apps, it’s always nice to discover new things.

A good note is that although most of these seem pretty straightforward, most of my recommendations are for a particular kind of app. Whenever I am in need of a specific type of app, I download three to five different versions and then test drive them all to find the one that I like best and that works for me.

Without further ado, and in no specific order, My Top 10 iPhone Apps:


Stocard App

Unknown-1This app is truly awesome, let me tell you.  It’s free and similar to the Wallet app on your iPhone, holds all of your rewards cards in one place.  It’s super easy to set up, all you need is your card with the bar code, and it even connects to all of the offered coupon catalogs for the brands.





At this point Apple should just give up and make a solitaire app as a part of the basic app package on your phone.  Who hasn’t played solitaire? You don’t need an internet connection, and it’s a classic; nuff said.






I apreciate having a converter app on hand to convert measures between metric and imperial, it’s also helpful for baking!  Again, I wish that this kind of thing was available as part of a basic package.  Be sure to pick one that doesn’t require an internet connection/data to function, it’ll save your life.






The International Movie Database is an invaluable tool.  It’s for anyone who just has to know this second just where they saw that one actor in that one show;  anyone who wants to win an argument,  movie buffs, or anyone who just wants to be able to entertain people at parties with semi – interesting facts about a cult classic. Or maybe you just really need to know the answer to that New York Times Sunday Edition crossword.




In this increasingly paperless world where people are migrating en masse to online banking; banking from your phone is just the next logical progression.  From easy e-transfers, to depositing checks (yes you heard that right, you can now deposit checks online, it works, I promise.) Even if you don’t become an instant convert and use this method exclusively, it’s a good tool to have in your back pocket (literally).




Much like IMDB,  YouTube can be used for a plethora of different things.  Whether you use YouTube primarily to watch cat videos, makeup tutorials, or the latest viral video – it’s definitely worth having this app on your phone.  The only downside to this app is that you cannot lock your phone and have your video playing at the same time, it’s one or the other.  So, keeping it just for music is more a point of how long you are going to put up with that before caving and buying the song anyway.


Movie Theatre


I love movies, and because I love movies, I have to know showtimes for all of my local theatres;  otherwise, I run the risk of coming 30 minutes late to a sold-out show on opening weekend.  This is the kind of app that does generally require WiFi/data, simply just to keep things current, but it’s still worth having on your phone in my personal opinion.





This one is for the ladies.  It’s a period tracking app. Please do note that this is one of many different apps all with the same purpose and that I just happen to like this one the best.  The principal reason for having this app is simple, it helps you remember when it is that time of the month; no mathematical calculations necessary.





The world is a crazy place, what better way to stay informed than to have a news app?  No satellite subscription required,  and you can stay abreast of current events, locally and internationally.






A dictionary can now fit inside your pocket.  Take advantage of that, cause most dictionary apps will also have a built-in thesaurus as well, you’re killing two birds with one stone here.





There you have it,  while most of the apps on this list do have company websites as well, it’s often easier to just get the app; after all if there’s an app for that, is generally worth trying, and if you don’t like it or use it, you can always delete it later anyway.   Are there any ‘general-use’ apps not on this list that would be on yours? If so, leave a comment and tell me about it, I’d love to hear your opinion.



No affiliate links here! Just my honest opinion.